40 Below Joe


Similar to our Mini Melts, 40 Below Joe® features a new approach to coffee. Our process brews the highest quality Arabica beans and cryogenically (quick) freezes the ultra-fresh coffee into little beads using liquid nitrogen at -320°F.  Our unique 40 below joe coffee can be eaten cold with a spoon or can be enjoyed traditionally in liquid form by simply adding water and heating with a steamer or microwave.

Our House Blend creates the perfect espresso.  Our coffee suppliers blend beans from high-grown Brazil Santos Estates with beans from strictly high grown Honduran Estates, making our House Blend the perfect dark roast from South & Central America.

40 Below Joe® makes it possible to bring this freshness back to life in minutes, one cup at a time, whenever you want. No waste, no grounds, no filters, and no expensive coffee machines.

We offer 8 different flavors of 40 below joe, perfect for your next event!

  • Categories

    Brand New

  • Surfaces

    Hardscape: Asphalt/Concrete; Interior: Concrete/Carpet/Wood; Softscape: Grass/Lawn/Mulch

  • Locations


  • Times of Day

    Evening/Night; Morning/Day

  • Seasons

    Any; Fall; Spring; Summer; Winter

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  • Type of Events

    Company Picnics; Holiday Parties; In Office; Social Events

  • Ages

    12 to 18; 18+; 3 to 12

What People Are Saying About Us

Great service! Set everything up. They were very patient and accommodating with my requests. The 4 things added exactly what we needed to this event.

Julie Vandre

St. John's Lutheran School

The SG Premier Events staff are always prompt and events are set up ahead of the scheduled time. They are courteous and helpful and they work well with our staff and student volunteers. We never had, nor received, a complaint about SG Premier Events; they are a pleasure to work with!

Jon P.

Dean of Student Life Programs