40 Below Joe

Similar to our Mini Melts, 40 Below Joe® features a new approach to coffee. Our process brews the highest quality Arabica beans and cryogenically (quick) freezes the ultra-fresh coffee into little beads using liquid nitrogen at -320°F.  Our unique 40 below joe coffee can be eaten cold with a spoon or can be enjoyed traditionally in liquid form by simply adding water and heating with a steamer or microwave.

Our House Blend creates the perfect espresso.  Our coffee suppliers blend beans from high-grown Brazil Santos Estates with beans from strictly high grown Honduran Estates, making our House Blend the perfect dark roast from South & Central America.

40 Below Joe® makes it possible to bring this freshness back to life in minutes, one cup at a time, whenever you want. No waste, no grounds, no filters, and no expensive coffee machines.

We offer 8 different flavors of 40 below joe, perfect for your next event!

  • Locations


  • Times of Day

    Evening/Night; Morning/Day

  • Seasons

    Fall; Spring; Summer; Winter

  • Type of Events

    Company Picnics; Holiday Parties; In Office; Social Events

  • Ages

    12 to 18; 18+; 3 to 12