Want to LOVE What You Do? Join the SG Premier Team

Our Vision

SG Premier is committed to providing meaningful moments to all of our clients while promoting a fun, safe, and memorable experience that will keep our audience coming back for more!

The Environment, Culture and Workspace You’ll Be Excited About Every Monday Morning!

SG Premier makes its employees a priority with flexible schedules, competitive pay, and an open door policy like none other. Taking your health seriously is a priority for SG Premier as well which is why there is a workout facility at the office to stay fit and ready for our next event.

Along with making you a priority, we make having fun at work a priority too; here you will get to work on making smiles everyday whether it is at an event, in the office, or working in the warehouse. Every role is fun and essential to what we do.

What does a day in the life of a SG Premier team member look like? SG Premier fosters an environment where variety strives! If you are looking to avoid the 9-5 blues look no further than SG Premier.

With our operations and events being tailored to our clients’ experience, how your role creates value for this non-profit will change and stay fresh!


Here at SG Premier we make our clients experience our responsibility. Part of that dedication to our clients also means being open, honest, and prompt when an issue arises and taking accountability for mistakes! We all make them what's important is we learn from them.


We couldn’t make an event a success without the incredible teamwork we have at every event! Whether it is carrying equipment, manning a ride, or helping out creating our souvenirs, it all comes down to working together!


We couldn’t make our lasting moments with the passion and hardwork from this team! Have a passion for people or event coordination? Come tap into it at a work place that shares those passions and values you!


Here at SG Premier we are here to make memories and smiles! That starts with the smile we wear to every event and every time we punch the clock! Glass half full kind of person? You’ll fit in great here at SG Premier!


SG Premier is all about fun but we are also about social responsibility. As a non-profit organization one of the ways we take that responsibility seriously is sustainability. SG Premier is working on bringing on necessary personnel to make the plan and implement that plan over the next few years.


Here at SG Premier, making a great experience for our client could be met with some speed bumps, just like anything worth doing, and adapting and problem solving is at the core of everything we do! Where there is a will there's a way!


Physical exercise is at the core of what we do here at SG Premier! Giving our clients and their audience a fun experience where they can get up and get active. That value is also for ourselves as well providing a workout facility here at the warehouse for our personnel to stay in shape if they choose to!


SG Premier is all about personal and professional growth! We all started from the beginning and grew and developed ourselves into the great team we are today! If you have a passion for self-improvement and a willingness to learn more about recreation events, hosting, and planning apply today!

Ready to be excited for Mondays?



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